Pistol 1

Pistol 1

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This course picks up where an introductory class leaves off, beginning with a fundamental review and advancing the shooter to a much higer skill and ability level. 

These classes are dynamic and conform to your skills and abilities.  There are no rigid qualification standards or pass/fail scenarios. This is range focused and will be held at our Baxter Ridge range.  

Topics covered include: 

-fundamentals review

-overcoming malfunctions 

-reloading: emergency and non emergency

-shooting from and using cover/concealment 

The goal of this class is to increase your comfort  and skill levels, better preparing you to survive a deadly encounter.  You will build speed, accuracy, and confidence.  

You will need to bring a serviceable handgun and  200 rounds of ammunition.  It is recommended but not required that you bring a serviceable holster as well as any other carry methods (purse, fanny pack, etc) that you routinely carry your firearm in. 

It is also recommended that you bring a tent chair and your own eye and ear protection.  (Eye and ear protection provided, but most students prefer to bring their own). Dress comfortably and be prepared to shoot on a grassy surface.   Long pants and a shirt that fits snugly around the collar are recommended to protect you when in kneeling or prone firing positions. 

If you don't see a date listed or don't see one that works for you, please contact for more info or to discuss setting up a small group class.